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We Are...

“My life’s passion has always been sports. It can have such a positive impact on young people. Through the game of basketball, Strick Hoops provides me with a big enough platform to make the type of positive impact I want to make, both on and off the court.” – Coach Strick


When we say we are "Strick Hoops Family", we truly mean it. It stems from the origin of where the Strick Hoops name came from. "Strick" is the family nickname for pretty much every Strickland kid growing up, especially the ones that play sports. "Hoops" was the nickname that Strick Hoops founder Sean Strickland's Dad used to call him when he was a player. So the Strick Hoops name is to honor Coach Strick's favorite coach ever, his Dad, and why creating a family atmoshpere inside our program is so important to us.

Coach Strick has over 20 years of experience teaching basketball to boys and girls at all levels. A successful career that is highlighted by his coaching appearances in the NCAA Tournament on both the men’s and women’s side of the game. Known for his #ATTACK Offense and love of Offensive Efficiency, Coach Strick’s teams have broken records in Scoring, Assists, 3-pt FGs made, 3-pt FG%, and Free Throw %.

Under the direction of Coach Strick and his coaching staff, Strick Hoops is committed to teaching basketball the right way, with a player’s development our #1 priority. Through skills training, camps, AAU, tournaments, and showcases, Strick Hoops is committed to providing the opportunities needed to help players reach their fullest potential.



What They Are Saying...

“My daughter has played basketball since 4th grade, now going into 10th. Sometimes it was a struggle to get her to practice. Since she has started with Strick Hoops, she has never once complained and she now enjoys working on her own. She says, 'We are a family on Strick Hoops and I don't want to let them down.' This credit is owed to Coach Strick and his leadership! She has improved 10-fold since starting with Strick Hoops and I can honestly say I can see her playing in college now. We couldn't have asked for a better organization and family!" ~ Marisa L.


“My daughter's favorite sport is basketball. She has been playing since 3rd grade. It was a struggle for me to help her at times. Since she has started playing with Strick Hoops and working with Coach Strick she has become a much better ballhandler and her shooting is much more accurate. She was always aggressive on defense, but out of control at times. Coach Strick has brought her defense to the next level. Playing for Coach Strick has made her love for the game even stronger and she willingly practices on her own every day. I couldn't have asked for a better program for her. I look forward to every season and watching them grow as individuals and as a team." ~ Heather G.


“When I came to Strick Hoops I can honestly say I didn't know basketball. My first year with the program Coach Strick had us in a press defense I had never heard of, let alone played. I had never pressed at all for my middle school or high school teams. The guidance and support that was given to me as someone who had never experienced true coaching was phenomenal. After only 2 years of playing for Coach Strick, I can honestly say that not only have my skills developed, but my knowledge of the game has grown exponentially. Going from not knowing a basic press to now going to a college program would have been unachievable without the structure of Strick Hoops." ~ Keegan McConahy Chatham WBB '25